Term & Conditions for Teacher

🔹I will pay Rs. 399/= as a non-refundable registration fee (Valid for lifetime).

🔹I will collect 40% of the 1st month and from 2nd month 100% onwards of my decided tuition fee (Decided by " uncap academy") after a week of month completion through Cheque, Cash on my Bank Account.

🔹I will not ask for any kind of advance tuition fee or tuition fee in the middle of the month (Either from parents/students or from " uncap academy").

🔹I will call the parents/ student immediately after getting the contact number or address of the student from "uncap academy." to fix the time schedule of the classes and will give the feedback to the regional office shortly.

🔹If I agree to take the classes and after taking the details of the parents/ student, if I refuse to start the classes from the given time schedule, I would be charged by Rs. 1200/= and might be terminated from the tutoring services.

🔹I will take/ teach the tuition/ student with my full satisfaction and I will not discontinue the tuition before the completion of the assigned time. If I found to do so, I would be charged by Rs. 1200/= and will not be paid for the last month and might be discharged from the tutoring services.

🔹I will take the classes regularly, punctually, and professionally.

🔹I hold all the responsibilities of the student's academic performance and I assure “uncap academy.” to be very professional in the tutoring services

🔹 I will not discuss anything with the parents/ students about the tuition fee and the terms and conditions held between parents and “ uncap academy.”

🔹 I will keep my mobile phone in silence mode and will not attend any call or message during the class.

🔹 I will take the chapter-wise test of the student regularly and will update the result to parents/students and “uncap academy.”.

🔹 I will inform "uncap academy." in case of:-
(a) Taking leaves of more than 3 days from the parents/ student
(b) When tuition is dropped or discontinued by you or parents/ student.

🔹 I will maintain the attendance sheet in the proof of my regularity and punctuality but if I don't do so, “uncap academy.” will not be responsible for any issue that arose against the number of the classes/ hours of the classes and I would be paid according to the parents/student's feedback/ statements. .

🔹 I will not quit even a class but if I do so, I will manage it on any other day but not in an hourly basis. Because " uncap academy.” does not allow the tutor to manage it on an hourly basis. If I manage it hourly, the tuition fee for the 2nd class would be paid 40% of the decided tuition fee.

🔹 I will not mistreat the parents/ students or any employee of “ uncap academy.”Also i will not get involve in any unethical activity with students.

🔹 I will not teach any new tuition preferred by the parents/ student because “ uncap academy.” reserves all the rights to receive all such tuition/ students. And I will give the tuition details to the Head office.

🔹 I will collect the tuition fee after completion of one month in days (I.e. From 31st day to 37th day).

🔹 I will carry my identity proof/card issued by "uncap academy." during the classes and will show it to parents/students if required.

🔹 If I face any difficulties/problems regarding the classes, I will inform to “ uncap academy.”. But kindly make a note that tutors are strictly prohibited to discuss anything apart from tutoring services with the parents/ student.

🔹 I will follow all instructions and terms & conditions of “uncap academy.” instructing occasionally and I will respect all the terms & conditions of “uncap academy.”

🔹 I will submit a Xerox copy of my educational qualification, Voter identity proof/ Aadhar card, PAN card for signature verification, two recent color photographs, and other required documents in the nearest regional office of "uncap academy.". Note- The tutor can mail his/ her documents at uncapacademy@gmail.com.

🔹 In case, any dispute or difference arises between the tutor and the “ uncap academy.” regarding the interpretation of these terms & conditions, non-payment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms & conditions, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the managing director of “uncap academy.”. The proceedings shall be conducted at patna under the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act and the courts at patna only shall have the jurisdiction over the matter and/or for enforcement as the case may be. If an arbitrator to whom the matter is referred refuses to act or for any reason, does not enter the reference or after entering into the reference proceedings are abandoned or kept in abeyance or not proceeded with, it shall be lawful for the Managing Director of “uncap academy.” to appoint another person to act as an arbitrator in the manner aforesaid. Such person shall be entitled to proceed with the reference from the stage at which proceeding was left by his predecessor, if both the parties consent to this effect, failing which the new arbitrator will be entitled to proceed de novo.