Term & Conditions for Parents/Student

🔹 I declare that I have read the Rules & regulations of the institute & Registered myself as a bonafide student of the Institute.

🔹 I decide that all the information furnished in this Application form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that in the event of any information found to be false or incorrect, my further deliveries if any would not be delivered.

🔹 I understand that Institute is responsible for the assigned teachers only till I am directly coordinating with them, If I am found to be directly coordinating with teachers the institute shall not be responsible/ answerable for any misconduct/behavior of teachers.

🔹 I am entitled to all the facilities institute shall provide only till direct coordination with them. If I brake this protocol I shall not not hold institute for the same.

🔹 All the payments made will always be in favor of "Priya it solutions LLP". No payment shall be directly made to teachers.

🔹 I am entitled to get maximum three tutors if i am not satisfied with the current tutors teaching method.

🔹 First month tuition fee is not refundable in any circumstance.

🔹 Female tutor charges will be 25% more than male tutor.