Higher Secondary Class tutoring sessions

Choose from a team of highly experienced primary teachers, ready to help your child stay on top of their learning.

Home Tuition For Higher Secondary Classes

It is important for students to make the most of this developmental stage that goes a long way in their education journey.

  • The earlier a child can be supported in their learning the greater the impact of the tuition.
  • One to one tuition is a popular choice for many schools because lessons can be targeted entirely to each individual child’s gaps.
  • one to one tuition can add up to 5 months’ progress to a child’s learning.

Education is considered to be very important for children as it adds to their knowledge and skills that are required essentially for the career of the children.

Courses For Higher Secondary Classes


The primary curriculum for English is now places a greater emphasis on the vocabulary_development , grammar , punctuation, spelling and handwriting.


Hindi is our national language, at primary level we help children in learning , reading and writing in hindi.


The main focus of maths at primary level is to ensure that children develop confidence and become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.


Science at primary level helps children develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.