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Home Tuition & Kids Coding Classes

One to One Interaction with teacher

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Oppurtunities for pre-learning

Detailed productive feedback

🔹One to One Interaction
Students are able to learn faster, master more material, remember their course work and truly love learning.

🔹Get Tuitions at your Convenience
The great advantage of home tutoring is the convenience for the student.

🔹Oppurtunities for pre-learning
Home or private tutions gives students the oppurtunity for learning a subject or concept before it is discussed in school.

🔹Detailed productive feedback
Home tutions help the student in analysing or correcting answers at every step. The tutor gives detailed productive feedback to students.

Why Choose UnCap Academy?

UnCap Academy assure parents / students to meet your entire academic needs.

A Trustworthy Name

More than 6000 tutors

Tutors for all levels

Strong Admin & Management

Counselling session before placement of tutor

Affordable Pricing

Quick tutor placement

A matching tutor

Flexible Time

Individual attention

Regular feedback

Visit of counsellor

Regular Test Facilities

Sure improvement

Find Home Teaching Jobs in India

🔹Time Flexibility
The first benefit of this job is that you can work as per your convenience or availability. Here the student and teacher both can start the class at any point in time.

🔹More teaching opportunities
One of the widely-recognized benefits of home tutoring is the number of students you can connect.

🔹Track the progress of every student
Since you’re not working with a big group of students at the same time, it’s way easier to track their progress and enjoy their accomplishments.

Home tutoring job is easy, quick, and has more earning as compared to other jobs. You can teach from anywhere and at any time.

You can become a great tutor too!

Students are looking for tutors like you,Start your teaching journey today with UnCap Academy.

Coding For Kids

🔹Coding nurtures creativity
Coding for kids is a fundamentally creative process, starting with nothing and finishing with something.

🔹Coding develops problem-solving skills
The ability to code gives a new perspective to problem-solving. Through coding, children learn to quickly fix and try again in different ways when something doesn’t work out.

🔹Coding enables computational thinking
Computational thinking is a structured and proven method designed to identify problems regardless of age or computer literacy level.

🔹Coding promotes learning by doing
Children learn best through doing and exploring.Learning by doing is the idea that we learn more when we actually “do” the activity.

Popular Courses

Primary Classes

We cover all the subjects of the students of the primary class like English, Hindi , Math etc

From Class Nursery to Class 5

Middle Classes

We cover all the subjects of the students of the middle class like English, Hindi , Math , Science , Social studies etc
From Class 6 to Class 8

Secondary Classes

We cover all the subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Computer, Hindi, Sanskrit and Commercial application etc.
From Class 9 to Class 10

Higher Secondary Classes

We cover all the subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, Computer, Hindi & Geography.
From Class 11 to Class 12

Coding for Kids

Coding classes for students like Basic of computer,Block coding,coding games,programming languages etc

From Class 6 to Class 12