Basic Programming course

BASIC(Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Codeis) a family of general-purpose, high level programming languages designed for ease of use.C language, C++ language, Java language, Phython language, SQL language.

Introduction to Basic Programming course

One benefit of learning how to code at a young age is enhanced academic performance.

Learning how this technology works will prepare children for a quickly advancing world in which computers and smartphones are utilized for almost every function of our daily lives.

Easy to learn

By starting with BASIC, you can create a framework for yourself to learn additional languages like C, C++, and Java.

Enhanced problem solving skills

Knowledge of computer languages enhances mathematical and logical reasoning and can be learned surprisingly quickly.

Opportunities for invention and innovation

Career opportunities in various fields, like environment, medicine, gaming, business operations and finance.

Career opportunity and flexibility

The demand for computer programming knowledge is growing

Why Should Kids Learn Basic programming?

Programming is a useful skill for virtually anyone. It teaches you to think about how a process works.

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